Open Committees

Access & Stewardship

Chair: Sarah Kilbourne

APA is uniquely positioned to give voice to the packrafting community. Protecting places of special interest to packrafters and protecting our access to them has been core to APA’s mission since the beginning.

APA partners with other organizations to raise awareness of key conservation issues, such as threats to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. We work collaboratively with land managers to help them understand packrafters as a user group, and to engage effectively with the packrafting community.

If you are passionate about protecting America’s wilderness areas and advocating for responsible recreation, you’ll enjoy working with APA's Access & Stewardship team.


Chair: Bix Firer

APA's dynamic Education Committee is one of our largest and most active groups. Our “brain trust” is comprised of well-known packraft educators and dedicated volunteers who bring their experience to APA educational content and projects.

Our Education Committee supports both newcomers, with introductory safety videos and the P.A.C.K.R.A.F.T. Safety Code, and advanced packrafters and instructors. APA's freely available packrafting curriculum was developed by the Education Committee to meet the need for an instructional framework specific to packrafting.


Contact: Marilyne Marchand

APA relies on donations from members and sponsors to support our work, and our Fundraising team plays a critical role in making all of APA's programs possible. They perform outreach to corporate partners, design sponsorship packages, maintain key relationships, and ensure commitments to all our sponsors are met. If you have great communication skills and a passion for fueling the future of packrafting, there's a place for you on this team!

Interested in becoming an APA sponsor? You can reach the team at

Outreach & Communications

Chair: Luke Bauer

APA’s Outreach & Communications team oversees the APA website, APA forum, email newsletters and social media. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though — they also provide communications for APA’s in-person and virtual events, access, stewardship and education initiatives, and APA’s Regional Chapters. APA's prestigious Golden Paddle Award is managed by this committee.

If you possess Marketing skills, or simply enjoy having the pulse of a lively community, you can make an impact as part of our Outreach & Communications team.

Roundup & Events


If you’re excited about creating a great experience for your fellow packrafters, the Roundup & Events committee is for you!

APA’s annual Packraft Roundup has been the highlight of our calendar since 2014, attracting over 100 packrafters each year for three days of workshops, paddling and fun. After a two-year hiatus, we look forward to hosting a successful Roundup in 2022. The launch of APA’s Regional Chapters and our virtual speaker series APA Presents  promise a growing number of APA events that bring our community together online and in person.

Internal Committees

Governance & Finance

Chair: Joseph Bell

Treasurer: Marilyne Marchand

Our Governance & Finance team helps shape APA’s mission and vision, ensuring our organization is focused and equipped to serve packrafters nationwide.

This committee has built a strong foundation for APA over the past several years, securing our status as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and developing the overall structure for APA Regional Chapters. The Governance team is also responsible for ensuring APA meets our high standards of integrity, safety and community ethics.