Welcome to the 2024 Packraft RoundUp, where the South Fork Payette sets the stage for the nation's largest gathering of packrafters. Join us for five days of paddling, community and learning in the heart of Idaho. Meet new trip partners, learn about access and stewardship issues, and prioritize safety and education on the river. This is an opportunity to connect, learn and thrive in a community of like-minded people!

2024 Packraft RoundUp
Payette River, Idaho
July 10 - 14, 2024

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Dates & Location

July 10 to 14, 2024

South Fork Payette, ID
Hot Springs Campground

Google Map Location HERE

Swiftwater safety and packraft courses offered by Swiftwater Safety Institute on July 9 & 10 at additional cost.

More details below. Please read the FAQs before you register to be in the know.

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2024 RoundUp
Registration Rates

We are stoked to bring you five days of fun, education, community and safety.  Please note that you can snag early bird pricing until June9, 2024. On June 10,  prices for each ticket category will increase by $25. If you are not a current APA member, please purchase your annual membership along with your $150 ticket at check-out. Every person that enters the campground for RoundUp must have a ticket. Your contribution to APA's work helps offset the many volunteer hours of event planning and the meals and perks provided.

Dogs? Trailers? Group paddles?
Please read the RoundUp FAQs before you register so you are in the know.

Early bird pricing now - June 10
(prices increase by $25 on June 11)

  • $195 — APA Non-Member Ticket
  • $150 — APA Current Member Ticket*
  • $30 — Become an APA Member!
  • $100 — Student Ticket**
  • $60 — Youth Ticket (< 18 YO)
  • $5 — Little Buckaroo Ticket (< 6 YO)***

There is a non-refundable processing fee of $50 for all refunds requested after purchase is complete. A full refund less the $50 fee is available up to 14 days prior to the event. No refunds within 14 days of the event. You may transfer your registration to another participant with 48 hours notice.
*Current APA membership is necessary for this rate and additional balance will be due upon at registration table, early bird pricing will not apply.
**Students  must present a valid, current student ID at registration table from 2023/ 2024 year for discounted rate or pay additional balance for adult ticket. All kiddos < 18YO must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for all RoundUp activities.


On-water activities are NOT a sanctioned activity at the 2024 Packraft Roundup hosted by the American Packrafting Association (APA). All paddlers should seek formal instruction from a certified guide or instructor with proper insurance and training. APA dos not encourage anyone to volunteer, lead or guide any paddler as part of RoundUp due to personal liability. That being said, anyone is welcome to paddle, meet other paddling buddies and spend time on the water as a group. It shall be understood that every RoundUp participant and paddler is responsible for their own choices and safety on the water including properly researching river information in addition to any content shared on the APA website or verbally. Any paddling you choose to do will be solely on your own and at your discretion, independent of the APA RoundUp event.

2024 Pre-Roundup Courses

Note that the schedule is subject to change.
Please kindly review the RoundUp FAQs before you register so you are in the know.

 ★ Pre-Roundup Activities ★

Tuesday July 9
Wednesday July 10

Pre-Roundup Courses led by Swiftwater Safety Institute and not paid to APA

Basic Packraft Training

If you are new to paddle sports or packrafting and haven’t undergone formal paddling training, the basic packraft training is designed for you. Foundational skills are provided, enabling informed decision-making and understanding of craft mechanics. The training covers essential aspects such as boat inflation, outfitting, fit personalization, paddles, strokes, and self-rescue. Throughout the course, on-water practice is prioritized, allowing for navigation of class II+ to III- water and fostering a hands-on learning experience.

Led by SSI instructors Jeff Creamer and/or Karen Morse
9am - 5pm ‧ $375 per person

SSI Registration

Packraft-Specifc Swiftwater Rescue Training

This course caters to recreational packrafters seeking training in swiftwater rescues techniques as they relate to packrafting. This training offers a 50/50 blend of basic rescue skills and utilizing the packraft for rescues. Expect to cover techniques like dealing with foot entrapments, throw bagging and creating makeshift boat configurations for transporting injured individuals.

Packrafting experience required.
Led by SSI instructor Dan Thurber
9am - 5pm  ‧  $375 per person
Note this is a 2-day noncertification swiftwater course.

ssi registration

2024 Roundup schedule

Schedule is subject to change. Thank you for rolling with the punches.

** Kids' Clinics have been cancelled due to low enrollment **

Wednesday, July 10
  • 12 noon: Vendor, Board, Sponsor arrival and set up
  • 4pm:  Paddler check-in. Pick up your registration wristband and goodie bag. Set up camp and make yourself at home.  
  • 5pm:  Welcome from APA Board Members
Thursday, July 11
  • Paddler Check-in: Registration table will be open from 8-9am and again at 4pm to welcome you and for goodie bag pick ups. Everyone in the campground is required to have an APA RoundUp wristband please.
  • 5pm:  Happy Hour: Meet 
    Meet your fellow campers, make friends! Get some insight about fun, safe paddling.
  • 6-7pm:  Bites & Boaters: It's feeding time! Grab your grub and head to the community meet-up space to chat it up, meet other boaters, plan future adventures together. It's like speed dating, but with paddling buddies. Dinner is not provided this day.  
  • 7pm:  SAFETY CHAT with Dan Thurber: You are highly encouraged to attend this meet up to fill your brain with useful and practical information. This is also help set the tone for folks on the water in the coming days.

    Dan has been a river professional since 2003 and has taught swiftwater rescue for over a decade. His experience has included guiding, safety kayaking, instructing, and expedition kayaking throughout the western US and South America. His attention has shifted to packrafting where he and his team have been pushing the limits of what can be done in inflatable crafts. His teaching style emphasizes understanding the river, your teammates, and yourself to effectively manage challenges on the river. In short order --- he is a river safety expert! He specializes in packraft and expedition training. Dan holds a master’s degree in river mechanics and modeling.
  • 8pm:  Packrafter Minglefest: Find your people. Make new friends. Hatch some fun and safe plans!
Friday, July 12
  • 7:30am: Wake Up & Warm Up: Grab your coffee and greet the sun for a morning stretch sesh in the community meet-up area. Julia Yanker will lead us in some cool head and body warm ups for the day. Are you a nervous nellie on the water? Connect with Julia for some great tips on somatic processing to get in the right headspace.
  • Paddler Check-in: Registration table will be open from 8-9am and again at 4pm to welcome you and for goodie bag pick ups. Everyone in the campground is required to have an APA RoundUp wristband please.
  • 5pm:  Happy Hour: Gear repair & restoration with Evan Fimbres of Packraft Repair & Retrofit.
    Grab a cold drink and mingle with other paddlers. Learn how to handle the most common gear issues.
  • 6-7pm:  Bites & Boaters: Dinner is on American Packrafting Association tonight! Rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub. Bring your own reusable meal kit including dishes, utensils, etc. APA is buying dinner, but we are not doing any dishes. Thank you in advance for being a good steward with your recycling and avoiding one-use plastics for the weekend. *** Gather up some friends at dinner for your Packraft Olympics team. Co-ed teams of four required. Creative names and costumes encouraged.***
  • 7pm:  PACKRAFT OLYMPICS - Welcome to the first-ever river games of APA. This is gonna be wild! Feats of skill. Displays of silliness. Endless pointing and laughing at others. Six stations of packraft-derived enjoyment and fun for all. There will be prizes for the top 3 high-scoring teams. Game on! 
  • 8pm:  Packrafter Minglefest: Find your people. Make new friends. Hatch some fun and safe plans!
Saturday, July 13
  • 7:30am: Wake Up & Warm Up: Grab your coffee and greet the sun for a morning stretch sesh in the community meet-up area. Julia Yanker will lead us in some cool head and body warm ups for the day. Rise and shine, pumpkins! 
  • Paddler Check-in: Registration table will be open from 8-9am and again at 4pm to welcome you and for goodie bag pick ups. Everyone in the campground is required to have an APA RoundUp wristband please.
  • 5pm:  Happy Hour: Gear Swap & Shop
    ‍Grab a cold drink and mingle with other paddlers. Bring your gently loved river gear to swap or sell
  • 6-7pm:  Bites & Boaters: Dinnertime! 
    Be sure to buy your raffle tickets during dinner. Take home some prizes and new gear.  
  • 7pm:  KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Kayeloni Scott hosts film screening: Covenant of the Salmon People

    Kayeloni Scott, of Spokane and Nez Perce heritage, was raised in Idaho, deeply rooted in her Indigenous cultures. Her upbringing instilled in her a profound connection to essential natural resources—water, land, and wildlife. Currently serving as the River Protection Communications Director at American Rivers, and formerly as the Communications Manager for the Nez Perce Tribe, Kayeloni has been a vital voice in environmental advocacy. She played a key role in the Salmon Orca Project, focusing on communication efforts for the Lower Snake River and supporting the movement to breach its four dams. Additionally, she is the co-producer of "Covenant of the Salmon People," further highlighting her dedication to preserving her community's natural and cultural heritage.
  • 8pm:  Big-A$$ Gear Raffle - proceeds support APA's work so thank you for bolstering our work! Bring some cash to buy raffle tickets!
  • 8:30pm:  Film screening of The Grand Salmon: Source to Sea hosted by film creators and adventure paddlers Elizabeth (Libby) Tobey, Brooke Hess and Hailey Thompson.

    Three women, three rivers, three endangered species of salmon, 1000+ river miles, four dams, one stibnite mine, one film. Join us for an exhilarating film showcasing a daring 1,000-mile journey by three women through the rugged landscapes of Idaho, Oregon, and Washington. Witness their 79-day adventure of skiing, whitewater kayaking, and sea kayaking, part of a critical campaign to save the endangered salmon of the Snake River Basin. In 2021, only four wild Sockeye Salmon returned to spawn, a crisis blamed on the destructive lower Snake River dams. This powerful film combines thrilling action with urgent conservation advocacy—don't miss it!
Sunday, July 14
  • 7:30am: Wake Up & Warm Up: Grab your coffee and greet the sun for a morning stretch sesh in the community meet-up area. Julia Yanker will lead us in some cool head and body warm ups for the day. Rise and shine, pumpkins!   
  • 8am: Breakfast with the Board. Hang out with the APA Board of Directors before you take off. Did we mention they will be serving up pancakes?! Tell us what you want to see us work on, volunteer and get involved on a committee  during the year, fire up some energy with a local event in your city or state. Maybe you even want to consider becoming a Board Member? We could use some passionate paddlers to join the ranks! 
  • 9am:  Campground clean up and check-out.

About RoundUp

Since 2013, the APA Roundups have been the heartbeat of our community—connecting hundreds of packrafters, forging friendships and exploring new rivers across Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and most recently California.

Our Roundup locations offer a diverse range of accessible river sections, catering to both beginners and experts. While the Roundups were once our main fundraising event, this year marks a shift in focus. Your ongoing support remains crucial, and we continue to rely on passionate volunteers to make these gatherings happen.

In recognition of our dedicated members, Roundup fees for 2024 will be reduced for APA Members. Join us in the adventure and consider becoming a part of the APA family!

Calling all volunteers!

Please email roundup@packraft.org to check out the volunteer tasks and where we could use a hand. Thank you.


Before you email us, please take a peek at the frequently asked questions below.

Are volunteer-led outings and group paddles offered in 2024?

Volunteer-led outings are no longer sanctioned Roundup activities. Last year, APA recognized there was a gap in risk-management protocols related to volunteer-led outings. We had concerns about the capacity to thoroughly vet trip leaders and realized there was a misconception of these outings viewed as guided paddles. We hope to include clinics led by certified guides/ACA instructors in future Roundup events. However, this year we faced issues securing permits for such clinics on the Payette River.

This event originated and remains a platform for packrafters to come together and expand their packrafting community. We are committed to facilitating connections among packrafters through our nightly evening activities, fostering opportunities for participants to meet and organize paddling groups.

If you are looking for professional instruction, we recommend you register for one of the courses led by Swiftwater Safety Institute.

I'm new to packrafting and don't own any gear. Can I join RoundUp and try this packrafting thing out?

Our friends at Idaho River Sports in Boise rent packrafts that you can snag on your way to the campground. Backcountry Packraft Rentals will ship you a packraft to use at the event (please thoroughly clean this before and after use to prevent spread of aquatic invasive species).

⚠ If you are looking for professional instruction, we recommend you register for one of the courses led by Swiftwater Safety Institute.

Is the Roundup the right place to work on my packrafting skills?

No, we ask that you attend a guided and instructional class for skill development. The APA Roundup has a rich history of fostering inclusivity for novice packrafters. However, it's important to understand your own abilities before attempting more challenging rivers. When you step up your game in a friendly setting versus instructional setting, you are putting yourself and others at risk. The APA Education & Safety Committee is committed to providing resources on self-assessment and risk management, both for the Roundup and beyond. Empowering packrafters to make informed decisions helps us all paddle safer and smarter. We will be working on and sharing these resources leading up to the 2024 Roundup. Thank you for paddling within your limits and pursuing skill enhancement in the proper environment with qualified instructors.

⚠ If you are looking for professional instruction, we recommend you register for one of the courses led by Swiftwater Safety Institute.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed only if they are licensed, vaccinated for rabies, leashed and well-behaved.
Dogs cannot be left unattended at any point during the event at the campground.
Owners must cleanup after pets.
Well-behaved dogs are allowed but we really want to avoid awkward situations to please be sure your dog can meet high behavioral standards. Well-behaved meets the following description: verbal recall on first callback, no barking, trustworthy around other pets and other humans (especially small humans), no camp robbers, no chasing wildlife.
If there is discomfort or a polite request to remove your dog from the event due to repeat complaints, thank you in advance for your understanding and compliance. There will be no refunds in this situation. We love the pooches, but they are secondary to the humans' RoundUp experience, enjoyment, and learning.

Can I volunteer to offset the cost of my ticket? 

Heck yeah you can! We love volunteers. Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet

You are something special and we so appreciate your generous energy and time. Sadly, some folks in the past have taken advantage of a free ticket and did not volunteer as promised, so we'll kindly ask that you sign up and purchase a ticket regularly. Then email us and we'll get you lined out with volunteer duties. We'll happily refund your ticket cost post-event and thank you profusely for your volunteer time. Thank you for understanding and cheers to the great karma you'll rack up for your good deeds.

☑ Are you a shutterfly or amateur photographer? If you are skilled with GoPro, smartphone, or other type of camera and can help us collect footage or photos for future outreach (especially on the water), we hope to gather your clips and pics if you are willing to share. We have some friendly requests and sidebars for what we need/want. Please email us and we'll share more background and details. Please contact us no later than July 1 so we have some time to plan with you. Thank you.  

If you have additional questions about volunteering, please email us: roundup@packraft.org

Camping guidelines for all RoundUp participants: 

Only registered Roundup attendees are allowed to camp and attend RoundUp activities. No exceptions. Thank you for understanding as we are a nonprofit and this is a community, educational and fundraising event. 
Camping is permitted in the designated APA group sites. 
A limited number of trailers will be allowed an require a fee - no hookups provided.
Email if you plan to bring a trailer: roundup@packraft.org 
Dogs are allowed only if they are licensed, vaccinated for rabies, leashed. And well-behaved. See event page on APA website FAQs for more details. Dogs cannot be left unattended at any point during the event. Owners must cleanup after pets. 
Open fires outside of designated campfire pits are not allowed No glass containers, please recycle.


NOTE: There is no electricity at the campsite. Please plan accordingly.
Generators are permitted, but not after 10pm and not before 6am. 

Can I reserve my camp spot in advance? 

Camping will be first come first serve at check in. APA does not reserve sites for people ahead of time so show up on time to get your favorite spot. APA has paid for two large group campsites for all RoundUp attendees, but you are also welcome to check the USFS site if you would like to reserve an individual site of your own (if available at your own cost). Campground details HERE.

Where else can I camp if the group camp location isn't for me?

Check out Riverpond Campground (Justin is your guy) just 4 miles down the road towards Crouch, ID on the middle fork if you have an RV or want some elbow room. You can also hunker down at Uncle Billy Bob's Redneck Trailer Vacation Rentals for added spice.  They fill up fast for summer reservations so don't dally! 

Parking will be tight so please carpool if you can.

Parking is limited at the campground, so we encourage folks to carpool. There is an APA Packraft Roundup page where you can post about ride sharing. Limited overflow parking will be available across the road from the campsite at the municipal airstrip (grass field, in designated area). Only 20 cars max will be permitted and we kindly ask for a $20/car donation to help us offset the acces fees pretty please.

What else is in the area? 

Crouch, ID is the nearest local town and where you can find Garden Valley Market, a medium-sized grocery store, for your shopping and camping needs and The Dirty Shame Saloon can fulfill your live music and other shameful needs. You can fill up your gas tank and get the essentials at Chevron Food Mart just down the road as well. Thanks for supporting the local community! NOTE: please be aware that the 2024 RoundUp campground is not far from a small airstrip and shooting range.

What should I bring (and not bring) to RoundUp?

We'll be sharing a group campsite so thank you in advance for being conscientious. Campsite details can be found at this link HERE. There is little to no cell reception at the campsite so please plan accordingly. Nearest cell signal is the Chevron about 5 miles down the road.

CAMPING: Car-camping gear (please be aware of early and late hours for slamming car doors, talking and late-night chill sessions). Please bring all supplies needed for self-sufficient car camping including cleaning stations, proper food/gear storage, and cook items. 
MEALS: Group dinner is provided and hosted by APA on Friday, July 12 (tacos baby!). APA Board Members are making pancake breakfast on Sunday, July 14. You're on your own for other meals.
KITCHEN: Bring your own plates, utensils, cups and mugs for APA meals. 
WORKSHOPS/SPEAKERS: Bring a camp chair and/or blanket for evening workshops and speakers.
HOT SPRINGS: Remember your swimsuit to enjoy a soak in the hot springs that dot the riverway.  
COLD HARD CASH: You'll need this for day-use river access on the Payette, if you want to buy tickets for our big a$$ raffle and other incidentals. 

▪ Please do not bring one-use plastics such as disposable water bottles, plastic silverware or non-recyclable products. Recycling will be hauled away after the event.
▪ Please do not bring glass containers.

US Coast Guard approved PFD (type III or V is best)
Whitewater-specific helmet
Exposure/thermal protection (drysuits are encouraged, also wetsuit, dry top, etc)
Self-bailing or whitewater decked packraft
Throw bag
Spare paddle
Dry bags and clips to secure your gear

I love what APA is doing. Can I become a board member? 

We're so glad you asked! Yes, we would love to add a few more passionate souls to our leadership line-up. You can help shape the future of packrafting and put your fingerprints all over the great work we do. Yes, there are meetings, paperwork, fundraising chores, committees, decisions and all the "business things". There is also paddling, good times, comradery, laughs and the amazing feeling of watching a young sport take off! Please talk to us at RoundUp or send us an email if you'd like to get more involved. You can also become a member at large on the Board of Directors, a Chapter honcho  in your local area, or a fired-up volunteer that steps in to help as needed, when you can. We could use the help and deeply appreciate folks that can bring stoke for both paddling AND planning.

Still have questions?

Drop us an email and we'll get back to you during business hours. Please allow 48 hours for reply.


RoundUp Merch Pre-Orders

Order your super-fly APA gear before July 1 and we'll have your awesome new gear ready for you when you check in at 2024 RoundUp. Flaunt your packraft style and tell the world how much you love this adventure sport while supporting APA work at the same time. More merch drops will be coming at you so check back often.  

Psst! Prices increase after RoundUp.  Snag a good deal while you can.

NOTE: please add $10 flat-rate shipping at check-out if you are NOT attending RoundUp. We will ship all orders in early July when we  receive the goods. Thank you.

APA Mesh Floaty Hat

$30 each  •  2 colors
  • Click on image to zoom and for more photos
  • Color options: teal/orange combo OR maroon
  • Heat press patch with APA logo
  •  100% polyester, performance fabric front panels
  • Honeycomb polyester mesh
  • Unstructured, six-panel, low profile
  • Flex packable, floatable bill
  • Stay Dri performance sweatband
  • Quick adjust nylon backstrap closure
  • One size fits most unless you have a massive watermelon head

APA Silkweight Hoodie

$75 each  •  Men & Women
  • Click on image to zoom and for more photos
  • Mediterranean Green (only color option)
  • Silkscreen APA logo (priceless)
  • Men's options: S to XXL,   size chart
    Women's options:  XS to XL , size chart
  • Wicking, quick-dry facric with UPF 50+ sun protection, 100% recycled material
  • Integrated antimicrobial elements in fabric to prevent build-up of funky smells
  • Slightly dropped rear hem
  • Laser-cut thumbholes
  • Small loop & plastic button to secure hood

APA UV Neck Gaiter

$20 each   •  Unisex
  • Click on image to zoom and for more photos
  • Size: 9.5" wide x 9.75" tall (this is a half-Buff for warmer temps, less fabric)
  • Great under your helmet, too!
  • Protect your face and lips from harsh sun and reflections off the water
  • Wicking, quick dry, lightweight fabric
  • White APA circle logo printed on bottom to show your love and support, tiny Buff logo too
  • Soaks up tears when you're tired of hiking with heavy pack
  • Wear as a headband to keep that hot mess you call hair under control at camp